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"You want love? We'll make it" - John Mayer


sans titre by Anna Ristuccia on Flickr.
Perhaps when we find ourselves wanting everything, it is because we are dangerously close to wanting nothing.
Sylvia Plath (via ntrvrts)

(via memoryofwater)

It is a miracle, the way you chose to survive.
Never apologise for it. Never apologise for fighting
for something with your bones, with your blood,
with all that’s left. It’s difficult preparing for
someone to leave. As the day creeps closer
you promise yourself it’ll be alright.
You expose yourself to the pain
earlier so when it hits it wont hurt as much.
Here’s a secret: there’s no recipe for absence.
It will hurt no matter how many times you convince
yourself it wont. The bruise will change colour
a hundred times before it heals.
Black, purple, blue. But, I’ve been told times heals,
and I believe this cliche rings true, like church bells,
like the divine force of an organ,
block dissonant chords on a piano.
You said drowning out meaning with metaphors
will be my down fall, so allow me to say just this once:
You will remain a distant memory,
a feeling I’ll try to recall, the last remains of
sunlight before it slithers into dust.

atomiclanterns, “No Recipe for Absence” (via atomiclanterns)

(Source: contramonte)